Educational Justice Activists

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Welcome to EJ Activists!

Educational Justice Activists is an academic honor society of high-achieving and service-minded high school students who are committed to eliminating educational inequity in our society. 
Organized by Educational Justice, EJ Activists enlists the brightest and most compassionate high school students to join its prestigious society. 
By sharing their academic drive, success, and expertise, EJ Activists work diligently both to close the achievement gap and to impart a strong academic culture among their underserved younger peers before they enter high school.


How It Works

Academically-accomplished high school students interested in becoming EJ Activists complete an online application. Qualified students possess scholastic merit, service-mindedness, and a passion for social justice.

At local middle schools and community centers, counselors and administrators identify EJ Achievers: underserved fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who are in critical need of outside academic support to succeed in school.

Each EJ Achiever is eligible to select an EJ Activist of his or her choice for weekly one-on-one meetings throughout the school year. At these sessions, EJ Achievers receive individualized academic support to build a strong foundation for future success. In this way, EJ Activists serve not only as dedicated tutors, but also as academic role models charged with the ambitious goal of duplicating their academic success in a younger peer.



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