Educational Justice Activists

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About Us




Educational Justice Activists recognizes the inequality in educational opportunities available to students across the socioeconomic spectrum. The EJ Activists Honor Society is dedicated to correcting this imbalance by providing underserved students with individualized tutoring and mentoring from the country’s most academically accomplished high school students.




Driving the EJ Activists Honor Society is the notion that every student deserves an environment that fosters his or her individual academic growth. We believe that all students should be afforded every opportunity to realize success in school, regardless of socioeconomic status.


We aim to create such environments and opportunities by encouraging exceptional high school students to share their enthusiasm for learning and their scholastic expertise with their younger peers. Through this partnership, EJ Activists have the capacity to serve not only as tutors but also as role models who strive to ensure that all students receive the opportunity to pursue higher education, a successful career, and a productive life.




Our vision is one of a world in which no disparity exists among students across the socioeconomic spectrum. It is our conviction that the opportunity to benefit from a high-quality education should be a right enjoyed by all individuals.


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