Educational Justice Activists

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Become an EJ Activist

Membership in EJ Activists is a true honor. High-achieving high school students who meet the requirements for membership are encouraged to apply. If you are interested in becoming an EJ Activist, please begin by reviewing the benefits, requirements, and responsibilities prior to starting the online application.





The benefits of becoming an EJ Activist include:


•    Recognition for membership in a prestigious honor society;
•    Exclusive access to the EJ Activists online portal;
•    Eligibility for college scholarships through Educational Justice;
•    Eligibility for EJ letters of recommendation for service to the community;
•    An Educational Justice graduation honor cord for seniors;
•    The opportunity to refine academic skills and knowledge acquired in school;
•    A fun and meaningful way to complete volunteer hours;
•    The satisfaction of giving back to your community;
•    The opportunity to use your academic expertise to combat educational inequity.








The requirements and responsibilities involved in becoming an EJ Activist include:


•    Possessing and maintaining an exceptional high school transcript;
•    Submitting a letter of recommendation;
•    Attending mandatory Activist training sessions;
•    Committing to tutor a younger peer throughout the school year;
•    Traveling to a local school or community center on a weekly basis;
•    Demonstrating a high degree of reliability and punctuality;
•    Possessing an approachable demeanor;
•    Displaying a genuine interest in serving the community;
•    Completing an EJ Activists Membership Agreement;
•    Paying membership dues.










Note that the following items must be submitted as PDF files along with the application:


1) a current high school transcript
2) a letter of recommendation
3) a signed EJ Activists Membership Agreement




If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us.