Educational Justice Activists

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What is an EJ Achiever?

An EJ Achiever is a 5th-8th grade student who demonstrates a critical need for academic tutoring and mentoring, but who is unable to afford such assistance. Becoming an EJ Achiever is a true privilege. It means becoming eligible to participate in the EJ Activists program and having the opportunity to select your very own EJ Activist. EJ Activists are exceptional high school students who have demonstrated not only outstanding academic performance, but also upstanding citizenship. EJ Activists meet with EJ Achievers on a weekly basis throughout the school year for one-on-one academic tutoring and mentoring sessions. These sessions will take place at an approved tutoring site, as specified by an Achiever Coordinator. If you are interested in becoming an EJ Achiever, please begin by reviewing the benefits, requirements, and responsibilities prior to starting the online application. 




The benefits of becoming an EJ Achiever include:


•    A $2000 per year private tutoring scholarship;
•    Weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions throughout the school year for up to four years;
•    Academic mentorship from a high-achieving high school student;
•    Access to the EJ Activists Online Portal where each Achiever has the opportunity to create a profile, select their tutor, communicate with their tutor, and receive prizes based on academic achievements;
•     Overall improvement of grades and preparation for high school.








Becoming an EJ Achiever also demands great maturity and responsibility. For example, students must adhere to the requirements of the program, which include:


•    Consistently meeting an EJ Activist every week for academic tutoring after school at a designated tutoring site;
•    Arranging for transportation to and from the school or center where sessions take place;
•    Maintaining a high degree of attendance, punctuality, and reliability in all sessions;
•    Keeping a well-behaved, respectful, and friendly demeanor during all sessions;
•    Being adequately prepared for academic tutoring and mentoring in all sessions.











Fifth to eighth grade students who wish to receive extra academic support are encouraged to apply for the $2,000 EJ Achiever Scholarships, awarded based on demonstrated financial need.